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Problems with personal finances can be complex and need the expertise of legal professionals. When a person is overwhelmed with debt from many sources, it becomes difficult to climb out of the hole. This results in late payments as well as penalties or late charges.

People who need help with debt consolidation can approach professional firms like the Law Office of Davis & Jones, P.C. for advice and assistance. Legal experts recommend debt consolidation to simplify loan payments.

Simplifying Debt Payments

When faced with delayed payments for many loans, debt consolidation is one of the best solutions. Loan payments would be simplified because there is only one loan to repay.

Here, the debtor gets to lump all his or her outstanding loans into a single payment. When separate debts are consolidated into one, it usually means a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment. Most creditors consent to this since it increases their likelihood of receiving payments from the debtor. You can also choose to combine all your credit card debts into one new credit card that has a lower interest rate. Or, you can go for a home equity line with your property as collateral.

However, the whole process of debt consolidation may be complicated and require some sacrifice. Consolidating loans entails finding a financing firm that is willing to provide a loan to repay all the other loans. The new loan also needs to have a lower interest rate and a longer payment period. Paying a single financing firm simplifies the payment process.

It is important to note though that there would be upfront costs and other closing expenses. The total balance payable may be higher, but the monthly payment would be smaller.

Avoiding Additional Fees and Charges

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One advantage of debt consolidation is the lower interest rate for the new debt. Loans, credit card debts, and other obligations have varying interest rates. The interest rates also change according to the terms of the loan. A person is fined with a higher interest rate after missing a monthly credit card payment.

If a borrower is not able to pay his debts or is unable to continue paying the monthly payments, the only recourse is to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a chance to start over. It also prevents or delays any foreclosure proceedings over the property like a house or the repossession of a car.

The major setback is that it goes on a person’s permanent credit record. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to secure a loan from any financial institution in the future.

Debt consolidation is a process that can remedy high monthly payments. It also ensures that creditors get paid. When a person is deep in debt, there are various remedies to ease their situation. One of these is debt consolidation. The aim of consolidating all debt is to simplify the repayment process. This can also help prevent the person from filing for bankruptcy and suffering the painful repercussions in the years to come.

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