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Now that you’ve prepared yourself financially for your new home, the next step for you is to proceed with the actual search. While it’s true that house hunting can get exciting for first timers, falling head over heels for every deal and home you see will only make the process longer than it should be. To save you both the time and effort, you can follow these suggestions when you go looking for your future home:

Inspect the House Thoroughly

Check if the basic utilities of the home are fully functional. Lighting fixtures, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems are just some of the parts that you need to check immediately. If one of these has a problem, then you’ll have to prepare for the possible expenses you need for repairs. If there are two or more, then you’ll be better off looking somewhere else. You can even throw in pest control to see if there are any other “tenants” waiting for you there.

Survey the Location

You’ll also need to take into account where the house is situated, both for convenience and the potential costs. Ask the agent about the property’s distance from important places such as your workplace or school for your future children. It’s best that the house you choose is near those places since you’re going to have a family. Take note of the ones that match those criteria to narrow down your list. Being near any amenities also has the bonus of increasing the home’s value, thereby making it easier for you to sell when you want to move to a new house or if you’re in need of money.

Conduct Your Own Research

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If you want to ensure that the place is free from any “secrets” that the agent is hiding from you, then ask around and do some research. Ask your neighbours about the house that you’re currently inspecting for any additional information about former inhabitants. You can even try looking for background information on your own. By asking around, you’ll be able to know more about the state of the house and its neighbourhood. To make it easier on the two of you, however, it’s better to just stick to the new house and land for sale around Whittlesea, Victoria, which you have already checked out before.

Make a List

If you’re looking for certain amenities or features in your future home, then it’s best that you list these down before you talk to the agent. This makes the search easier and faster because you’re giving the agent a definite set of criteria to base their offerings on. Try not to be disappointed when you can’t find one that ticks all the boxes on your list and consider those that are closest to your ideal description. Either that or check if your demands are realistic and adjust accordingly.

Just like with marriage, you need to think your decision through with your partner to make sure that the two of you are not getting a bad deal. Don’t go deliberating for too long, though, or else you might miss out on the best one you’ve found. Be prompt and wise with your decision making, and soon, your new home will be within reach.

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