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A team’s productivity largely depends on the environment they’re working in. While all entrepreneurs should seriously consider what the work space looks and feels like, it’s the new and emerging business people who must perfect the art of planning the perfect office. Your startup needs productive team members, so you must offer them an environment conducive to creative ideas, well-thought-out strategies, and strong wills to follow through. Here’s the picture of the ideal working environment for your startup team:


Before the question of what your office should look like, you should consider first where it’s supposed to be. Location dictates convenience for employees, and no-hassle commute means no stress on traffic jams, which translates into better focus on the job. Thus, even if you’d save a few bucks on renting an office space in an unfamiliar, inaccessible neighborhood, think about the long-term impact of an office in a central business district, such as one in New York City, to your employees’ morale and happiness. It’s essentially not a splurge but a worthwhile investment. Aside from accessibility, what defines a good location is proximity to commercial establishments. Prioritize locations near bars and coffee shops. Launching a startup is nerve-wracking and these social hubs will be sanity-saving for your team. Check out the office lease commercial buildings in New York City offer to score a good space in a good location.

Open Concept

Open floor office setupOpen floor layouts received a bad rap over the last years, but for the most part, it’s because most businesses have jumped into this trend without really assessing if the design addresses their unique needs. For startups, open concepts are an ideal workspace because collaboration and creativity will be at the core of your work culture. You will devote a lot of time in brainstorming sessions and status meetings. Hence, when looking for offices to rent, go for those that feature flexible spaces, moveable furniture, retractable walls, and dry-erase surfaces everywhere, which allows you to huddle in a snap. See if the office you’re targeting to rent has acoustic panels as well or will allow you to install such to guarantee better noise control.

Branded Workplace

One of the things you should be instilling early on in your team is their commitment to your brand. Of course, eventually, they will embrace this virtue as you go through your meetings and projects and experience the highs and lows of launching a startup, but you can also teach them these through your office space. A sticker of your brand on their laptops or signage on your walls can influence their thinking over time; though they may not be aware of it. Hence, if you’re renting an office space, make sure to ask the owner to which extent you can customize your space if you are allowed to personalize walls and put up brand signage. Don’t underestimate these simple additions to your office space as this will greatly impact the way your employees will adopt your brand and the values it stands for.

Again, where your startup team works matters when it comes to productivity. If you want them to be supercharged in terms of performance, give them an environment conducive to it.

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