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Success in business starts not with a good business plan or the sellable idea. Instead, it begins with the mind. Your greatest cheerleader and your worst enemy are your thoughts. If you can win the battle in your mind, you can guarantee that you’ll emerge victorious from any of the business challenges coming at you. Just take a cue from the most influential entrepreneurs today who set aside a huge chunk of their time every day just for meditation. As you start your business, begin internalizing these mantras to position yourself for success:

Find passion

Passion is the very thing that changes the status quo. It’s what inspires one to shift from the 9-5 desk job to a 24/7 gym business lifestyle (even though it looks crazy). It’s what gets you up in the morning and keeps you awake at night. It’s what inspires you to keep fighting even at the darkest of times down the road. So, it’s essential that your business coincides with your passion, right from the beginning. For some, they’re lucky to know what exactly they want in life. For others, they have to find it earnestly. Take an inventory of your strengths. What is it that you excel doing? Think about what frustrates you in the industry. What is a problem in your community that you want to solve? Your strengths and people’s challenges can fuel your business.

Take the risk

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There are no certainties in business. As they say, this industry is like a gamble. You won’t know if your bets will pay off. Right from the start, you have to take the risk of leaving a stable job and a good paycheck, sacrificing your savings or introducing a new product to the market. But embrace the uncertainty, nonetheless. One way you can be comfortable at this is to have a mentor who can give you advice on how to take smart risks and show you exactly what it means. Consider what most starting entrepreneurs do: consulting franchisors. Seasoned entrepreneurs can teach you the tricks of the trade and offer you a less risky venture option compared to building a business from scratch. If you want to push through with that gym business lifestyle, go ahead and pursue fitness franchise opportunities.

Accept defeat and failures

Not everything will go smoothly in your business. Along with the good days and triumphs, there will be bad days. There will be people who don’t believe in you, as well as rejections along the way. There might be no assurance of putting food on the table. There’s a possibility of hitting rock bottom. You need to accept this reality as early as now. By being fully aware, you’ll be able to prepare better and keep yourself humble through the years. Should you experience the most significant defeat, losing everything in business, profits and reputation, accept it wholeheartedly and start over again.
Again, success begins with the mind If you’re able to tame your thoughts and direct them to your goal, you can win half the battle. Internalize these success mantras every day.

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