Construction sites can become road obstructions if they do not use proper signage and safety products. They could even mean danger for the workers and the general public. Protecting people makes it a must to make street work safety a requirement.

Workplace safety can be challenging at road construction sites. There are heavy equipment, ladders, uneven flooring, ramps, and heavy material that can be found in the area. These require warning signs, hazard lights, and even special safety clothing to protect workers.

The welfare of workers is always at the forefront of workplace safety. Governments all over the world have made it mandatory for businesses to follow safety practices and require standard safety equipment in their work. For road construction projects, reflective vests and hard hats are part of these equipment standards.

But there are two essential elements to help keep street works safe: the signaller and the road safety or warning flag. One could not work efficiently without the other, and they both play crucial roles in regulating traffic flow around the construction site. They also protect the workers and give motorists a heads up about the work in progress – minimising the delays and the risks of accidents in the process.

The Flagman or the Signaller

The flagman has to stand up and manage the safety flags. This flagman or signaller needs to wave the flags to indicate the movement of traffic. He could also help pedestrians, the motorists, and the workers by signalling that construction in a specific area is ongoing.

But a flagman also needs the appropriate barricades, traffic lights, barriers, lane control devices, and other signalling tools. Safety flags are only part of the safety gear and could not be used alone. If it is a huge road construction site, the use of every possible road safety feature is a must, and you also need a couple of flagmen at that.

The Road Safety Flag

The road safety flag helps redirect traffic and control the crowd, are swayed to give passing vehicles and pedestrians a heads up about the construction work in a particular site. It is mostly made of reflective orange fabric that is visible even in the darkness. Although they can be made of different materials, most flags are made of waterproof and durable materials.

Safety flags are also useful at parking lots. Big construction equipment such as forklifts and oversized truckloads also make use of similar flags to signify any possible hazard.

Traffic Barriers and Cones

Traffic cone

These barricades have lights that act as a warning signal. They are often used for street work and construction. There are different kinds of barricades, but for lighter work, some people prefer to use traffic cones or A-fram barriers. They can be made of concrete or even water-filled jersey barriers, but it all depends on the size of the construction project.

Safety equipment is essential for any construction project, not only to make the project successful but also to protect workers and the general public. They are cost-effective equipment that will prevent accidents and injuries.

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