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Commercial grade equipment carries a steep asking price, and as such, you cannot afford to have them breaking down prematurely. With proper maintenance, you can keep them operating at their peak without incurring additional costs.

A successful restaurant is comparable to a well-running car, remarks a leading provider of catering equipment repair services in Kent. They both give peak performance when finely tuned and need to be maintained regularly to prevent premature wear and tear. Proper care and preventative maintenance ensure that both of them serve you for a long time.

While the success of a restaurant or any catering business hinges on many factors, it only takes one faulty equipment to throw you off your game. Equipment failure can cripple your entire operation and cause you to disappoint your clientele and lose money. Here is how to avoid these problems:

Hire the right people

You do understand that a machine, regardless of its application, is only as good as its operator. In the same way, you cannot entrust a car worth tens of thousands to a newly minted driver; you cannot trust a rookie with your expensive equipment. Doing so would be like inviting trouble.

For starters, they are likely to misuse and abuse them in the worst possible way. Not only would that lower the quality of food that you would be offering your customers; it will likewise increase the likelihood of failure. Unqualified employees can ruin your business reputation and saddle you with high maintenance costs. Hire the right employees to ensure the smooth operations and the satisfaction of your customers.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

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Happy that you chose to spend your hard-earned dollars on their products, manufacturers ship each piece of equipment with an extensive user manual. Such manuals outline the safest ways to use any equipment, and you need to familiarise yourself with these processes. It likewise helps to instruct your employees, especially the new hires, on the proper way to use and handle the equipment.

The same applies to the process of cleaning the equipment after use. Daily cleaning prevents food, rust, grime and dust from building up on a machine. Such build-ups lower the operational efficiency and increase the chances of a premature malfunction. At the same time, you should ensure that your employees use the correct cleaners and method for each piece of equipment in your restaurant. For stainless steel equipment, soft cloths and mild detergents will give you great results.

Inspect each appliance regularly

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It does not take much to ruin a commercial grade catering equipment, as they comprise of a myriad of smaller components. It only takes one of these components, moving parts, or connections malfunctioning for a disaster to happen.

A loose electrical connection, a minor leak or a worn out valve can put your equipment at risk. A regular inspection alerts you to such problems and allows you to take corrective measures quickly and avoid further damage. It likewise informs you of failing pieces that need to be replaced, so you can plan your budget.

Having your pricy commercial grade equipment fail prematurely can give your finances a terrible blow. Doing regular maintenance lets you keep your machines operating at a maximum capacity without the risk of a premature breakdown. It means you can let each piece live out its service life; therefore, maximising the return on investment. You get to keep your operational costs low, which grows your profit margins.

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