immigration solicitorSetting up a new business is the start of an adventure. It’s an exciting time in the life of any entrepreneur, but starting a new venture overseas takes the adventure to a whole other level. Investors looking to create a new company or boost an existing one in the UK are in luck, as the government is keen to attract foreign investment. In the last year alone, 1,500 new jobs a week were created by overseas investment.

So, now is a great time to bring business to the UK. However, its immigration law is complex and ever-changing. The services of an immigration solicitor in London are needed to save the time, money and resources it takes to go through the mountains of immigration paperwork. Immigration lawyers in the capital, such as Saracens Solicitors, can advise entrepreneurs on which visa will give them the best chance of success.

One factor that may cause worry is whether it is possible to bring spouses and family members along for the ride. There are two visas that are applicable for overseas business people: the entrepreneur visa and the investor visa. Both allow the applicant to bring their spouse and children to the UK. The visa also allows the dependents to take up a course of studies or get a job if required.

So, there’s no need for these high-level movers and shakers to go it alone on their UK adventure. It’s worth noting however, that the visa status of the family members is dependent on the original applicant. So, if the entrepreneur’s visa runs out, their family can’t stay in the UK independently, without applying for their own visa.

If, a few years into the future, the investor applies for indefinite leave to remain, which means they can stay in the UK without having to keep re-applying for a new visa every few years, their family can do the same. They will then all be able to come and go as they please.

An immigration solicitor in London can advise every step of the way and make sure the entrepreneur gets to enjoy a full and happy family life while in the UK.

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