Being new to the insurance industry doesn’t mean you should undergo all the trials and rejections that many veteran insurance agents experienced when they were just starting out. Time is different now and it could be easier for you to become successful in the field, as long as you possess the important qualities.
All you need is to affiliate yourself with a trusted insurance marketing organization or IMO and you’ll go places. Think about it — even veteran insurance agents depend on IMOs for different reasons.


Some insurance agents are still curious about the difference between IMO, FMO, NMO, and perhaps, other MO terms out there. Don’t worry; as they serve the same purpose and a big part of it has something to do with providing the support you need.

Ordinarily, MOs are like the middlemen between the agent and the insurance company. The difference, however, can be felt with the support these groups can provide you. From continuing education on how to pitch sales and do marketing stuff to supporting you in completing the sales deals, you can have this valuable assistance with these organizations.

Value Added Elements

As a third party company that relies on sales from insurance agents, assistance in every possible step is the key to the success of the relationship. But aside from continuous training, what are the valuable things can IMOs offer you? What else could you get from working with them?

Basically, they should be your one-stop shop for whatever you need for your career. From helping you with leads to providing marketing materials, access to insurance software and system, they should serve as your most effective business partner.

Choosing the Right Marketing Organization

Employees working

It is true that there are many marketing organizations out there, even in just your state alone. So the question is which organization should you work with? It’s a difficult question at first but when you are able to completely identify your business agenda, it becomes easier to find the right insurance partner. Your goals must align with theirs and their strategies should be updated. The professional relationship with an insurance marketing organization that provides continuous training and exceptional assistance is for keeps.

Comparing the number of different assistance and types of support services is a top priority for most insurance agents who are looking for the right partner. But one strategic point many successful insurance agents share is that they choose an organization based on its strength, for which the agent is admittedly feeling weak, such as how to do a marketing pitch, among other things.

It is also important that you ask for pieces of advice and input from fellow insurance agents. From there, come up with your own conclusion, not just with what others think. Remember that a marketing organization should be able to meet your needs. Your success greatly depends on what they have to offer, so be careful when choosing one. Make sure you are working with the right partner to ensure a successful career.

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