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Excavation sites remain a common source of danger for workers as they have a high risk of collapse. However, with the right equipment, supplies, and safety measures, you can keep your worker safe and eliminate risks.

A growing population spells good fortune for construction companies as it creates a massive demand for buildings. With the right positioning, your construction firm can ride this wave of success. However, cautions, a notable steel sheet piling supplier, you need to make site safety a priority to be eligible.

Adding to the list of excavation site fatal accidents that leave workers dead and scores injured is an excellent way to cut short the bull run. Keeping your sites safe and secure comes with lots of benefits.

1. Avoid heaps of legal trouble

The department of labour is on a mission to lower trenching and excavation hazards by 10 per cent by the year 2019. Through OSHA, the department is intensifying inspections to help with compliance. In so doing they are cracking the whips on any contractor found of endangering employees.

So far, one contractor in Florida is feeling the heat after an employee was injured following a collapse. The agency is proposing a fine that is northwards of a quarter of a million dollars after determining that the firm exposed was guilty of two trench-related violations.

2. Safeguard your reputation

Construction is a highly competitive business, and you need every advantage to stay ahead of the competition. Having a stellar reputation is an excellent way to grow your market share and increases your client base. That won’t happen if your firm is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Potential clients, keen to safeguard their reputation, will give you a wide berth. Again, your clients will be wary of dealing with you as the hefty fines levied on your company might leave your books in the red.

Crippling financial problems cause projects to stall, putting their investments in danger. Keeping your workers safe also means that you won’t pay off a king’s ransom in injury compensation and settlement.

Keeping excavation sites safe and secure should be a top priority for construction companies. Failure to do so can leave you nursing hefty fines and losses that could cripple your entire operations.

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