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Many people are so taken by the elaborate patterns in football pitches not knowing that they can recreate them in their properties. Creating these intricate patterns on your lawns can be part of your regular maintenance plan.

It might come as a surprise, but you can replicate the elaborate patterns you see on athletic fields on the grounds around your home, notes a trusted provider of commercial landscaping services in Biloxi. These patterns result from light striking the grass blades at different angles, creating a patterned contrast. Some sections appear brighter because of light reflecting from the broader, longer part of the leaf blade. Other sections are darker because you’re looking at a higher concentration of the grass blade tips.

As you might notice, looks can be deceiving. With the help of sunlight and a specific mowing technique, you can achieve that attractive and creative look for your lawn. If you think you can’t handle the job on your own, professional help is always readily available. Look for lawn care experts in your location and explain what you want your lawn to look like. They probably have the tools and experience to serve your needs.

1. Cut it just right

There’s an art to cutting grass and the ideal mowing height depends on the variety of grass, growing conditions, and the season. More than improving the aesthetics, mowing your grounds properly creates a drought resistant, low maintenance lawn. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your grass can stand the test of time while looking as attractive as possible.

By changing the mowing direction, you can create the coveted striped look while keeping the grass at optimal growth height. You’re likely to achieve better results with a longer cut, as it leaves you with longer grass blades to work with. Mowing in opposing direction creates a contrasting stripe effect. Unlike the popular opinion, these stripes aren’t a result of cutting grasses at different levels.

2. Bend it just right

Landscaped garden with a mini bridgeNaturally, you’d want to maintain the stripes or any patterns that you have going on your grounds for a little while. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you need to keep mowing your lawn unnecessarily. Frequent mowing may damage the leaf blades and make the blades too short, which can cause wilting. Running a roller across the yard in an opposing direction achieves the stripe effect.

You might even achieve better patterns with a roller since longer grass blades enhance the design. The amount of force you apply when rolling a lawn influences the pattern intensity. Naturally, the greater the force, the more pronounced the patterns. The appearance of your lawn will depend on your personal taste or preferences.

More than just keeping your grounds lush and green, you can use them to make a statement about your facility. Creating stripes or other patterns on your lawns is an incredible way to make your property stand out. Customers and passersby will easily notice the impressive patterns in your grounds and it will be the envy of your facilities in your block. Browse online or talk to a lawn care professional to learn more techniques in creating the strip effect on your lawn.

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