5 Strange Colorado Laws You Have Probably Never Heard Of

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Most laws are meant to be universal, but some of them get too specific to be considered usual. The Centennial State is no exception when it comes to having such laws. Here are some of the strangest Colorado laws you have probably never heard of.

No drunk horseback riding

In Colorado, horseback riding while under the influence of alcohol is a traffic violation. Some say that drunk horseback riding can get you a DUI charge because the state considers horses as vehicles.

However, theDUI laws of Coloradoonly say that it is illegal for someone to drive a vehicle while under the influence of booze or drugs, and the laws followed by Colorado do not indicate that horses are vehicles. So, it might be false to claim that the state considers a horse as a vehicle. In 2013,a man was arrestedin Boulder, Colorado for drunken horseback riding.

Do not mutilate a rock in a state park

Colorado is known for its breathtaking views. They would not be popular for these if they did not take drastic measures to protect their parks. These measures include declaring itunlawfulto “willfully mar, mutilate, deface, disfigure or injure” any rocks, shrubbery, trees, flowers, or other natural features in Colorado state parks. Perhaps this law is set in stone for good reason, since vandalism isa problemin national parks.

You cannot roll a boulder in Boulder

Citizens who are feeling a little bolder may not roll a boulder in the city of Boulder, Colorado. According to Boulder’smunicipal code, no one is allowed to throw, roll or move any rocks or boulders on any public property. City employees are the only ones who may do so on official business. This law might be in place to minimize damage to property or injury to people.

In Denver, lending a vacuum cleaner to your nextdoor neighbor is illegal

There aresourcesthat say it is unlawful for Denverites to lend their vacuum cleaner to their next-door neighbor. However, some people speculate that you can still legally lend your neighbor a vacuum cleaner so long as they do not turn it on, or that you can lend it to a neighbor several doors over or across the street. The Denver website does not provide details on this law, maybe because it is an old law that is very rarely, if ever, enforced. The makers of this law might have been considering thehealth hazardsposed by vacuum cleaners.

Dandelions cannot grow over 10 inches in Pueblo

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The city of Pueblo considers dandelions and common sunflowers as “noxious vegetation”, which they consider to be “a detriment to the public health and safety”. As part of their sanitation laws, growing weeds, grass and noxious vegetation to exceed 10 inches in height is illegal within city limits. However, this law does not extend to flower gardens, vegetable gardens, plots of shrubbery and small grain plots.

Just because Colorado has a handful of strange statutes, you should not think it any different from other states. The definition of homicide is still the same of Boulder as it is in the rest of the USA, anddivorce in Denver, Coloradostill follows the same processes as most cities. Perhaps, other states and territories have their ownweird laws,too.

Demystifying Myths on Title Loans

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Everyone can experience emergencies regardless of their financial condition. Furthermore, these emergencies do not choose the time they happen. Emergencies that need financial attention can easily offset one if you do not have any cash at hand. Title loans in Salt Lake City are one option that individuals in need of urgent cash can use. However, not many people are not comfortable with taking these loans due to the information around the subject. Here are debunked myths on title loans:

The Lender Checks Your Credit Rating

Lenders consider the fact that you can afford a car under your name. When you take an auto title loan, the motorcycle or car serves as the loan collateral. Instead of checking the credit score, the company representative will confirm whether the documents you present indicating ownership are genuine. These loans are secured loans, and the lender has minimal risk of loss when you default your loan.

The Loan Interest Rate is High

increasing interest rate conceptIs it your first time to apply for any secured loan? If yes, you are aware that interest rates for loans vary from a lender to another. Also, interest rates depend on multiple factors such as loan repayment terms and the amount of money in question. Short loans and loans of less amount have low-interest rates.

Penalty Charges for Early Payments

Loan repayment terms dictate that you pay a certain amount of money as the monthly installment. There is however no limitation to the amount of money you can pay monthly. The more the amount of money you pay monthly, the faster you repay your loan. The company will not charge you any amount as a penalty for repaying your loan early enough. If anything, you will increase your chances of securing another loan.

You Cannot Have a Car after Taking the Loan

When taking the title loan, the creditor gives the lender the car title and not the car. So long as you are paying the monthly installments on time, you will continue using your car. The lender can demand to have your car once you default making the payments. That means that it is a win-win situation for you when making the necessary repayments; you keep the car and have the money.

Repaying Title Loans is Hard

Title loans are not much different from the other types of loans that you have probably taken in the past. The loans have strict terms on the repayment terms to save the lender from losing their money. Proper planning before taking the loan will ensure that you have a strict plan to repay your loan. Constant communication with the lender’s representative on making timely repayments will also help you in clearing the loan.

The company that you will be taking your title loan from in Salt Lake City is also a big factor to consider. Ensure that it is a registered lender whose best interests are to serve clients. Research about different companies while checking out their requirements and rules. Lastly, go through every term in the loan agreement document, and if there is anything unclear, seek further clarification. There are loan experts who will explain all the details to you to see that you make the right decision.

What Happens When Your Tenant Doesn’t Pay?

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It happens. A tenant could miss the monthly payments for the lease. Sometimes, you have to wait for a few more days after the deadline to receive it. The reasons are aplenty. The economy isn’t doing well, or the business changed leadership. The cash flow is tight, or it can no longer afford the rent anymore. What if the tenant doesn’t pay for months? As a landlord, what are your options to recover what is due to you?

1. Consider Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Back in the old days, landlords could be brutal in their approach to lease collection. For example, they could change the locks of the office and then seize all the goods inside. They then had the prerogative to sell them to recoup their losses. The term for this process was distress.

It became the norm for many years until 2014 when the UK introduced commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR). The regulations are more transparent, but the limitations are also stricter. These include the non-seizure of the business assets, which only a certified enforcement agent or a bailiff can do.

Under this process, the landlord can enforce collections on delayed or missed rent for commercial tenancies only. They can do so as early as seven days after the tenants failed to pay. The landlord can also claim the arrears from the sub-tenants.

CRAR has a prescription period, and with many rules to follow, it can be confusing. Landlords can then consider commercial rent recovery services. They don’t have to worry about the fees. They will become part of the tenant’s due.

for rent sign with a couple behind2. Talk to the Guarantor

It will be easier if the tenant has a guarantor, who can pay on behalf of the tenant. It reduces the collection process and saves you a lot of headaches. Note, though, that you may not reach out to the guarantor immediately. The first person you should talk to is the tenant. For a paper trail, request collection in writing. After two weeks of non-payment, you can then send another demand letter to the tenant, as well as inform the guarantor of the situation. You may repeat this procedure within 21 days of non-collection.

3. Pursue Section 8

Section 8 Notice is also Notice to Quit. It means that you believe the tenant breached the lease contract and that you want to possess the property again. It also implies you’re bringing the other party to court to recover the rent.

It is a lengthy and particular process. It needs to follow a specific format to be valid. The form, for example, may have to include the name of the tenant, property address, and grounds for possession. It will also indicate the expiry date of the notice. The tenant doesn’t need to leave the property until they receive the note, and even then, you may still have to apply for a possession order if they don’t vacate.

The process of getting what is yours may be time-consuming, but it’s always worth pursuing. After all, it’s also a matter of justice and fairness.

Help to Buy: The Lowdown

bought a home

For home buyers on the south coast, one of the key steps they need to take is to find a firm of conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth. While there are many cut-priced internet options available, for those taking the huge step of buying a home, maybe for the first time, having an experienced and steady hand to guide them through the process is of great benefit.

Conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth aren’t just there to complete the paperwork in a machine-like way. They can be a human face on the legal contract and a much-needed source of information. Firms in the town, such as Andrew & Andrew, have a range of useful resources for home buyers.

One thing a firm of conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can provide information on is the government’s Help to Buy schemes. There are two aspects to Help to Buy: the ISA and the equity loan.

Help to Buy ISA

This is for first-time buyers only. If they deposit £1,600 or more in a Help to Buy ISA, when it comes time to complete the purchase of their home, the government will top up the amount in the ISA: £50 for every £200 saved. To qualify, the buyer must be over 16 and a UK resident.

The great thing about this for two people buying a home is that each of them can have their own ISA, as long as they are both first-time buyers. The minimum savings to qualify for the government top-up is £1,600, the maximum is £12,000.

This is for homes with a value of £250,000 or less, or £450,000 or less in London, bought with a mortgage, that will be lived in by those making the purchase. So, it’s not available for buy to let, but can be used towards a shared ownership property.

Help to Buy equity loan

This is for all home buyers who are looking at new build houses. The government can lend up to 20% of the cost of the home, meaning that buyers can get on the property ladder with a small deposit and still be an acceptable risk to a mortgage provider. The government doesn’t charge any fees for the first five years of the loan term.

Applying for a Mortgage: Four Things You Shouldn’t Do

To take out a mortgage in Florida successfully, you can’t afford to make any mistake. What you do and don’t do before your application would be magnified and could make you appear riskier to lenders. Before you express an interest in having a mortgage in Fort Myers or any neighboring community, avoid the following bad decisions.

Looking for a House First

Many people hunt for properties to know what the market has to offer. A home search is a harmless activity but not when you’re about to visit a lender’s office.

The amount you can borrow depends on your creditworthiness, not on the price of the property you fancy. The countless hours you spend browsing through listings could go down the drain if you couldn’t find a lender willing to loan you enough money.

Knowing the highest amount of funds you can get with your credentials before narrowing your property options is logical and time-saving. You can seek pre-qualification or pre-approval to get an estimate of how much you can borrow from your prospective lender. This way, you wouldn’t have to waste your time and energy considering properties you actually couldn’t afford.

Acquiring More Debts

Mortgage Contract

A mortgage will consume a large chunk of your monthly income, so any lender will be curious to know your current debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Your DTI ratio reflects how financially flexible you are. The higher it is, the less capable you are to manage debts.

The maximum DTI ratio varies by lender, but the universally acceptable ceiling is 43%, although you may still secure financing if you go over 50%. When calculating your DTI ratio, don’t exclude your would-be mortgage payment. Your back-end DTI ratio, the one that includes all of your debts, should be less than half of what you make every month. A sub-50% DTI ratio means there’s enough money for other expenses.

To avoid increasing your DTI ratio right before your mortgage application, don’t get any other loan. Obtaining a new debt also triggers a hard inquiry that may slightly bring your credit score down, so you can be hit with a double whammy.

Closing Your Oldest Credit Account

If you think cutting your old credit card is a symbolic gesture of financial responsibility, you couldn’t be more wrong. Doing so can reduce the average age of all of your credit accounts, which may make you look like a less experienced borrower. Considering that the age of credit represents 15% of your FICO score, it’s best to leave your oldest credit account.

Ignoring Errors on Your Credit Report

Never assume that your credit report is 100% accurate, especially when applying for a mortgage. It may contain errors that can reduce your FICO score and disqualify you for lower interest rates.

All of the people behind your credit report are fallible, including yourself. You may have applied for credit cards or loans under different names. Some of your creditors probably don’t report your good payment history. Credit bureau staffers can also commit clerical mistakes. Review your file months ahead of your mortgage application and dispute every inaccuracy you will find.

Mortgage application denial usually stems from imprudence and lack of foresight in the part of the borrower. Every rejection can cause you frustration and negatively affect your credit score, so make sure to do what’s necessary to succeed sooner than later.

Quick and Easy Pointers on Speedy House Viewing for Newlyweds

newlywed couple

Now that you’ve prepared yourself financially for your new home, the next step for you is to proceed with the actual search. While it’s true that house hunting can get exciting for first timers, falling head over heels for every deal and home you see will only make the process longer than it should be. To save you both the time and effort, you can follow these suggestions when you go looking for your future home:

Inspect the House Thoroughly

Check if the basic utilities of the home are fully functional. Lighting fixtures, electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems are just some of the parts that you need to check immediately. If one of these has a problem, then you’ll have to prepare for the possible expenses you need for repairs. If there are two or more, then you’ll be better off looking somewhere else. You can even throw in pest control to see if there are any other “tenants” waiting for you there.

Survey the Location

You’ll also need to take into account where the house is situated, both for convenience and the potential costs. Ask the agent about the property’s distance from important places such as your workplace or school for your future children. It’s best that the house you choose is near those places since you’re going to have a family. Take note of the ones that match those criteria to narrow down your list. Being near any amenities also has the bonus of increasing the home’s value, thereby making it easier for you to sell when you want to move to a new house or if you’re in need of money.

Conduct Your Own Research

couple in their new home

If you want to ensure that the place is free from any “secrets” that the agent is hiding from you, then ask around and do some research. Ask your neighbours about the house that you’re currently inspecting for any additional information about former inhabitants. You can even try looking for background information on your own. By asking around, you’ll be able to know more about the state of the house and its neighbourhood. To make it easier on the two of you, however, it’s better to just stick to the new house and land for sale around Whittlesea, Victoria, which you have already checked out before.

Make a List

If you’re looking for certain amenities or features in your future home, then it’s best that you list these down before you talk to the agent. This makes the search easier and faster because you’re giving the agent a definite set of criteria to base their offerings on. Try not to be disappointed when you can’t find one that ticks all the boxes on your list and consider those that are closest to your ideal description. Either that or check if your demands are realistic and adjust accordingly.

Just like with marriage, you need to think your decision through with your partner to make sure that the two of you are not getting a bad deal. Don’t go deliberating for too long, though, or else you might miss out on the best one you’ve found. Be prompt and wise with your decision making, and soon, your new home will be within reach.

4 Tips for Investing Your Savings

putting coins in a piggy bankA lot of people have been trained to think that saving money is a fool-proof way of ensuring your financial stability. While this is true to a certain extent, you should also invest your money somewhere if you want it to grow. Otherwise, your savings will remain stagnant for a long time. The following are things you can do to help you invest your savings:

Buy a house of your own

If there is one investment that every person should have in their lifetime, it is a house. Not only are houses versatile investments, but they can also be sold later on to other potential homeowners. Contact brokers or companies that have new houses for sale around Burnside, Victoria so that you will have something to invest your savings in.

Put money in your retirement plan

One of the main reasons why people save money is that they want to have comfortable lives once they retire. If this is the case with you, you may want to invest a portion of your savings in a retirement plan. This way, you can make sure that your life after you stop working will be enjoyable.

Invest in your health care

Your health is one of your most important assets in life. When your health is in good condition, you are more likely to perform at your best in school or at work. This will result in better reviews from the people around you, leading to a better life.

Purchase jewellery

Jewellery is one of the strongest investments you can make. The price of precious jewels and metals are consistently high. You may as well take advantage of that by buying gold, diamond, or silver accessories.

You have to wait for several years for your savings to become big enough. You want to make sure that you are investing in things that will yield financial and practical returns.