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Most laws are meant to be universal, but some of them get too specific to be considered usual. The Centennial State is no exception when it comes to having such laws. Here are some of the strangest Colorado laws you have probably never heard of.

No drunk horseback riding

In Colorado, horseback riding while under the influence of alcohol is a traffic violation. Some say that drunk horseback riding can get you a DUI charge because the state considers horses as vehicles.

However, theDUI laws of Coloradoonly say that it is illegal for someone to drive a vehicle while under the influence of booze or drugs, and the laws followed by Colorado do not indicate that horses are vehicles. So, it might be false to claim that the state considers a horse as a vehicle. In 2013,a man was arrestedin Boulder, Colorado for drunken horseback riding.

Do not mutilate a rock in a state park

Colorado is known for its breathtaking views. They would not be popular for these if they did not take drastic measures to protect their parks. These measures include declaring itunlawfulto “willfully mar, mutilate, deface, disfigure or injure” any rocks, shrubbery, trees, flowers, or other natural features in Colorado state parks. Perhaps this law is set in stone for good reason, since vandalism isa problemin national parks.

You cannot roll a boulder in Boulder

Citizens who are feeling a little bolder may not roll a boulder in the city of Boulder, Colorado. According to Boulder’smunicipal code, no one is allowed to throw, roll or move any rocks or boulders on any public property. City employees are the only ones who may do so on official business. This law might be in place to minimize damage to property or injury to people.

In Denver, lending a vacuum cleaner to your nextdoor neighbor is illegal

There aresourcesthat say it is unlawful for Denverites to lend their vacuum cleaner to their next-door neighbor. However, some people speculate that you can still legally lend your neighbor a vacuum cleaner so long as they do not turn it on, or that you can lend it to a neighbor several doors over or across the street. The Denver website does not provide details on this law, maybe because it is an old law that is very rarely, if ever, enforced. The makers of this law might have been considering thehealth hazardsposed by vacuum cleaners.

Dandelions cannot grow over 10 inches in Pueblo

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The city of Pueblo considers dandelions and common sunflowers as “noxious vegetation”, which they consider to be “a detriment to the public health and safety”. As part of their sanitation laws, growing weeds, grass and noxious vegetation to exceed 10 inches in height is illegal within city limits. However, this law does not extend to flower gardens, vegetable gardens, plots of shrubbery and small grain plots.

Just because Colorado has a handful of strange statutes, you should not think it any different from other states. The definition of homicide is still the same of Boulder as it is in the rest of the USA, anddivorce in Denver, Coloradostill follows the same processes as most cities. Perhaps, other states and territories have their ownweird laws,too.

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