wall-mounted closet

When it comes to interior design, one is only limited to imagination. That’s why when it comes to being creative with how you use different elements in the space, it is important to give your home a unique style that is truly yours.

After all, a majority of us spend most of our lives searching for a place we can truly call home. Little do we know — with just interior design elements, we can transform any space to a safe haven or a sanctuary, so to speak.

An example of a home item that can have more purpose apart from its original function is wall brackets. These three home ideas are a perfect way to get creative with this wall decor.

1. For decor

The most obvious approach is to use these as wall mounts. Instead of going simply for a TV mount, wall brackets can be used as wall hangs to display decor. Wall decor could either be accents or even the centrepiece of a living space, depending on how the decoration is done.

Wall brackets can support small trinkets, such as scented candles or plates. For kitchens, wall brackets — smartly transformed with the right paint and styling — can become an effortless open-cabinet for plates.

2. Racks and support

The beauty of the shape of wall brackets is that they can provide great support on a lot of things. This is why it can even be transformed into something as heavy-duty as a table. Wall mounts can be used to support the edge of a table to give it the appearance of floating or even just supported by thin legs.

Another versatile way of using wall mounts is to use them as rackets. Simply mounting the support to a wall can transform them into a neat clothes rack or even as sturdy as a bike rack.

3. Fence planters


As already mentioned, you can get as creative as you like with any decor item inside or outside your home. The use of wall mounts is not limited to indoor applications. If you are looking for sturdy support to create a makeshift planter, for instance, industrial wall brackets can be a great solution to your problem.

Planters can be secured on shelf brackets; all you need to do is paint them in the same colour as the planters or the fence. This can create a rustic or industrial feel in your garden area, which is a popular trend in design themes these recent years — and it won’t seem to go away any time soon.

Even something as industrial and straightforward as a wall mount can have many uses for the home — and not just for function but also for fashion. All it takes is a little creativity to transform these items into a quaint interior decor addition.

You, too, can turn any dull item into a centrepiece or an accent piece for your room or even your entire house. You could start with these ideas for wall mounts.

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