5 Useful Dies in Industrial Bead Rollers

man using a bead rolling machine

When carrying out any manufacturing process, you cannot stress enough the need of having the right skills and using the right tools for the job. These two will ensure you get the job right the first time. Thus, you will cut wastage, prevent workplace accidents , and create a safe working environment. One of the essential equipment in shaping metals that the following will focus on is the bead roller.

The Bead Roller

This equipment can either be manually-operated using a wheel and a crank  or can have an option for electrical powering. Like other equipment, bead rollers vary depending on the intended application. The essential component in bead rollers is the roller die which is the central component for efficient operation. The dies shape the metals in their intended form, with standard roller ties and specific dies that a manufacturer can use.

Dies Explained

Dies come in various categories depending on the shape of the beads in the roller die or the size of the die. Here are the typical roller dies you can find when shopping for Baileigh industrial bead rollers:

Flat Bead Die

man using a bead roller machine

These dies are useful in both electrical and manual bead rollers. The dies are usually of different sturdy materials like as steel and nylon. The primary purpose of these dies is to increase the strength or alter the design of your workpiece. The beads in the die have flat surfaces and come in different dimensions hence the name flat bead.

Round Bead Die

Due to the circular shape of the beads in these dies, they find application in rolling metal profiles. These dies are of nylon, aluminum, or steel and guarantee strong performance in the long run. The die beads are about a half to 1 inch in width and can worth on both 16-gauge and 18-gauge metals.

Specialty Die

These dies are useful in manual rollers and perform both shaping and panel matching tasks. The dies come in various shapes and are of durable materials that include steel and polyurethane. The standard shapes you can find are the skate patterned sets and right-angled sets.

Turning Die

This type of dies is helpful in creating round edges on different types of metal. Due to the desired accuracy of the round edges, these dies must be of high precision steel. The dies can work on different materials and multiple gauges.

Edge Bead Die

These dies add strength to a metal piece and are useful in creating parallel metal designs on the exterior side of the metal. The dies must be of sturdy materials of about 1 inch for more extended service. Also, you can use these dies on both electric and manual rollers.

Mastering the useful dies in bead rollers is the first step to getting your desired results with a Baileigh industrial bead roller. If you are still unsure about the types of rollers and roller dies you should get expert help from the manufacturing shop. They understand your industry requirements. Therefore, if you can table your intended applications, they are in the best place give you recommendations for the right equipment to buy. The operation instructions on the equipment’s manual are instrumental in ensuring you get the most out of your equipment.

Freight Insurance: Why is It Important?

Delivery man leaning against a box

Importing goods can give businesses an edge over local competitors because they can be cheaper compared to local products. Imports, however, need more than just payment and a shipping method. Proper documentation is one of the cornerstones of successful imports.

The documentation needed for imports differs between countries. One of the crucial ones a freight forwarder in the Philippines will help you is freight insurance. The insurance is crucial when you import goods because of the significant risks involved in the loading, storage, and transport of your cargo. Here are the freight insurance options you have.

All-Risk Insurance

This policy covers your cargo from damage from external elements and physical loss. There are several exclusions which will differ based on your insurer. The primary all-risk coverage should include acts of God, improper stowage of goods, deliberate destruction, jettison, theft and truck overturning.

FPA (Free of Particular Average) Insurance

This is sometimes called a named peril policy and lists the exact elements covered by the insurance. In most cases, theft isn’t covered by an FPA policy. Collision, burning, ship sinking, truck overturning, train derailment, stranding and a few acts of God are some of the elements covered in many insurance policies, but in FPA insurance, your shipper is only held liable for significant rather than minor cargo losses.

Shipment-by-Shipment Insurance

This policy is often for the carrier of your goods. In most cases, it excludes cargo loses due to a flaw in the transportation vessel, a criminal act, and acts of God or war. As such, it is cheaper but not as comprehensive as other policies.

Without an insurance certificate, your goods could be stuck in port. It might be challenging to pick the best choice for your cargo, but not with a freight forwarder. Choose forwarders who know which policy suits your goods and the management of the crucial documents needed for your cargo’s clearance.

Down and Dirty: How to Get Rid of Dreaded Holiday Carpet Stains

Red wine spilt on a carpet

The holiday season brings about tons of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. You want everything to be perfect, so you prepare for guests who are coming over. And, because you’re busy from Thanksgiving to New Year, the holiday aftermath may be far from your mind.

But, after all the fun, food, and family bonding, your carpets may have suffered from all the stains and dirt that the holidays unleashed upon them. In 2014, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) conducted an online study to look at the top stains of the holiday season in American households.

The top holiday stains include:

  • Chocolate (26 percent)
  • Fruit punch and other dye-based drinks (26 percent)
  • Grease (23 percent)
  • Wine (21 percent)
  • Candle wax (19 percent)
  • Vomit (18 percent)
  • Beer (16 percent)
  • Gravy (15 percent)
  • Butter (10 percent)

Tony Wheelwright, Chairman of the IICRC, said, “Our research shows that these substances have ended up on our floors or upholstery. If they aren’t properly treated, these stains can leave you with a lasting memory long after the holiday season has passed.”

Learn how to clean these common, mostly holiday-specific stains to save your rugs and carpets from permanent damage. Who knows? These tips may even give way to a carpet cleaning business opportunity for you.

Cleaning Tip #1: Act Fast

The longer stains stay on your carpet, the harder it will be to remove them. Whether the spill was from something solid or liquid, you must remove the things causing the stain as soon as you possibly can. Carefully scrape solid particles or sop up excess liquid with paper towels or cloth.

Cleaning Tip #2: Vacuum the Spot

Guy vacuuming the carpetVacuum the spot that’s been stained after your initial blotting. This allows you to remove the dirt stuck to your carpet, especially if the material that caused the stain is made from something solid.

Cleaning Tip #3: Use Water First

Depending on the stain, you might not have to spend so much on stain-removal products. You’d be surprised how much stain water alone can remove. Simply blot the stained area with a damp cloth. Trusty club soda may also work as a dampening agent. It is slightly acidic, so it can decolorize stains.

Cleaning Tip #4: Don’t Scrub

You might have noticed that the first two tips involve sopping up and blotting stains, but not scrubbing at them. This is because you’re more likely to spread the stain if you scrub at it. What you need to do is lift out the stains, not spread them even more.

Cleaning Tip #5: Try some Baking Soda

Baking soda has a variety of uses, not just in cooking but in cleaning as well. From absorbing strong odors in your fridge to deep-cleaning your greasy pots and pans, you can solve your cleaning problems with baking soda.

For carpets, baking soda absorbs the stain, the smell, and the grease. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the grease-stained carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum the excess.

Cleaning Tip #6: Vinegar Works, Too

If you still see stains on your carpet, you can finish them off with a combination of a tablespoon of dishwashing soap, two cups of warm water, and a tablespoon of white vinegar.

Vinegar is a solvent, meaning it dissolves other things (a.k.a. stubborn stains). It also acts as a deodorizer and disinfectant, leaving your carpet clean and without a musty odor.

These simple steps can help in the extensive cleaning fest you’re likely to do after the holidays. If all else fails, call your trusty carpet cleaning company so as not to damage your carpet further.

Great Hops to Try in Your Brewery

Friends drinking beers

Every brewery needs to have a signature brew, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing variety. Breweries need to provide their customers with a wide range of choices to suit everybody’s different tastes or preferences. Here are five of the most popular hops in the U.S., each bringing their own strengths to the table:


Galaxy is a popular Australian hop brand, but you can easily find Galaxy hops for sale in specialty stores or even online. The popularity of these hops traverses oceans, consistently making it to the top lists of the world’s most popular hops. Galaxy has a pure fruit flavor profile; it does not have earthy, floral, or spicy tones. Passion fruit and citrus dominate your taste buds without being overly bitter. Galaxy is a multi-purpose hop, but it is especially suited for flavoring and adding aroma to any given brew.


The world of beer crafting won’t be the same without Citra. Citra’s unique flavor profile with high levels of citrus quickly became popular, inspiring thousands of beer enthusiasts to begin crafting their own beers. Often referred to as the “hype hop,” Citra has proven that it is the real deal. Breweries that use Citra do so because it is a solid hop to craft amazing brews. Like Galaxy, Citra has a purely fruity flavor profile. The citrusy flavor is popular among the younger generation and those new to craft beers.


Crystal hops produce craft beers reminiscent of traditional German beers. These hops have an earthy and spicy flavor profile with some citrusy undertones. Crystal is very aromatic; pine, green, and floral aromas dominate with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Crystal provides long-time beer drinkers with a sense of familiarity, while also bringing something new to the table.


As its name suggests, Mosaic contains a blend of many different flavors and aromas. Citrus, floral tones, and pine dominate its flavor profile, but distinct flavors of tropical fruits, grass, spices, roses, berries, and even bubblegum lie underneath. Mosaic can be a little bitter, and though it has a citrusy and fruity flavor, it doesn’t translate to being overly sweet. Mosaic has the right touch of sourness that blends well with the bitterness that the hops provide. Mosaic is a multi-purpose hop and can be used in every stage of brewing.


Production process in a breweryCascade is the most popular hop brand in the U.S. and one of the oldest. The very first craft brewers used Cascade as far back as the 70s. The distinct flavors of northern brews are in part due to the popularity and availability of Cascade. Its flavor profile has pine, citrus, floral, and spicy tones, paired with the right amount of bitterness. It is considered as a “safe” hop, as craft beers made using Cascade are widely accepted.

Variety is the key to every successful brewery. A single brew won’t please everyone. Having a wide array of drinks to choose from covers all your bases and ensures that all of your customers will have a drink that’s right for their tastes.

Make Your Cross-Country Move Affordable with 3 Incredible Moves

a mover working

Just because you’re moving across the state doesn’t mean you need to deal with extremely huge expenses. You can find creative ways to lower the cost to keep the process affordable and convenient.

Most people agree that moving is an expensive process. But matters take a sudden turn when you are moving out of state, remarks a cross-country moving services provider. Due to the intricacies that come with moving goods over a long distance, your moving expenses are likely to be considerably high.

The amount of stuff you need to move, as well as their nature, the distance, and the timing of the move will determine the overall costs. Retaining the help of an expert allows for a hassle-free move. Here are some of the proactive measures you can take to keep your long-distance moving expenses at bay:

1. Schedule an off-peak move

About 62 percent of American families schedule their relocations from May to September. Naturally, movers are at their busiest during these months. If you insist on relocating during this period, you might deal with high moving rates because the demand is high.

If your timelines allow, avoid slotting your move during the peak season. Moving companies struggle to cope with the demand and as such, charge premium rates. The fall and early spring months make the best time to move if you’re looking to save on relocation costs. It is best to avoid the winter months when considering a long distance move as the road conditions are quite treacherous. Summer months are also an excellent time for a household with kids to move since they are out of school.

2. Sell off unwanted items

a couple holding boxes

Sorting your household items and selling some unused or old belongings come with two distinctive advantages. One, it will reduce the amount of stuff that you need to move, which lowers your moving costs. Secondly, it helps you raise money to fund the relocation and if you have plenty of excess stuff sold, it can finance the entire process, from packing to transporting.

Holding garage sales is a popular way to rid your house of unused items and make money out of them. Alternatively, you can list high-value items on sites, such as Craigslist or eBay, to increase your chances of getting better prices. Who knows, you might have a valuable antique possession, which you were planning to throw away. Donating any leftover items to a charity lowers your load further.

3. Use Existing or Low-Cost Packing Materials

Sometimes, the packing materials you need are readily available in your house. Check the attic or basement and look for old boxes or unused linens, which you can use to pack your things and protect them from damage during transport. Plan early, so you can pack your belongings yourself and avoid the costs associated with hiring professional packers or additional packing service from your mover.

Moving across the state or country can be a costly endeavor, which is why you need to prepare financially. Follow these tips to make sure you won’t be left with no cash in your wallet after you move into your new place.

Effective Sales Strategies for Professionals in the Digital Age

Sales team meeting the client

Sales professionals face various challenges when attracting potential buyers or conducting a sale, especially because of changing buying behavior in the digital age. Companies can turn to sales training workshops to further improve the sales ability of their employees and to develop more effective sales strategies.

Customer Behavior in the Digital Age

In the past, sales professionals were more easily able to control the majority of the buying and selling process. The steps in this process include opportunity identification and qualification, proposal, close, and post-sale.

The experience of sales and marketing is different in the digital age, as most buying takes place online. The sales force also no longer serves as the sole source of information for potential customers. Buyers turn to exploring sales websites on their own and engaging with peers on social media in order to identify and qualify vendors.

As this is the continuing progression and trend of buying behavior, businesses need to invest more time and resources and develop better frameworks to more accurately understand customer behavior. Some strategies include inbound marketing and social listening. Companies need to track the resources that customers download and what pages they are more likely to view to encourage them to take the next step and buy the offered product or service.

Further, because the buyer journey is no longer controlled by the sales force alone, it can be difficult to implement effective sales strategies. Sales professionals, for instance, may become unsure about a customer’s readiness to buy. It becomes important that they map out the ideal customer experience and be able to lead customers through it to improve conversion rate.

Options Presented to Buyers

Buyers in the digital age are presented with a variety of options and several possible outcomes that come from each option. Sales professionals can help reduce buyer uncertainties regarding these choices by reminding customers that not making a decision is a decision in itself. This may encourage the buyer to behave more proactively in coming to a decision and become more open when interacting with the sales professional.

The Right Selling Skills

Sales person using her laptopOne valuable skill for sales professionals is asking insightful and relevant questions that meet the needs and challenges of customers. Salespeople need to recognize and take advantage of the nuanced differences across various customers. They can be more effective salespeople if they take an individualized approach and work to engage each customer with understanding, preparation, and insight.

Similarly, the more questions that a sales professional asks, the more they will learn about each customer’s decision-making process. A well-established relationship between the salesperson and buyer means the latter is more likely to open up about the factors that go into their decision-making processes. Salespeople can then use this information to direct their suggestions and offer more suitable products or services to the customer.

Salespeople can convert more customers, increase customer satisfaction, and encourage loyalty if they employ these strategies and ensure that they continue to provide good service to customers.

How to Keep Your Students Engaged in the Classroom

Student raising hand in class

Student raising hand in classStudent engagement can lead to multiple positive outcomes. One, it can improve focus and attention. Two, it motivates students to apply higher critical thinking skills. And three, engagement can enhance student performance.

As such, it’s crucial to encourage every one of your students to participate in class. But how do you do it?

Here’s a quick guide that could boost active participation in your classroom, regardless of a student’s learning style.

Start with the Right Attitude

Your students will most likely mirror your attitude and get their energy from you, which means that you should always have a bright disposition when in class. When you’re enthusiastic about what you’re teaching, your students will respond in a positive way.

Introduce Active Learning

The traditional way of teaching tells students to sit and listen. While this may be necessary for a certain part of your course, certain segments of the class will require an innovative approach. Experiential learning, for example, can be reinforced through book publishing for students. You can include an illustration aspect to the project. Your students can get as creative as they want, and they’ll learn the publishing process.

This sort of activity can spark excitement and sustain interest that allows you to carry out the objectives of your course. Other activities to explore include starting with a mystery to understand or discussions related to your lecture.

Coach and Guide by “Flipping the Class”

Students answering an examFlipping the classroom” is a new model you can apply to create a richer learning experience. It’s when your students learn and understand new knowledge at home through video or reading material. The goal is to use up in-class time for face-to-face interaction with other students and you, the teacher. You don’t follow a set of rules for this pedagogy-first approach. You can make your classroom’s process. You can tweak your approach as you go and according to what your students need.

Use Technology

Kids respond well to technology.Why not use that to support your classroom’s objective? You can integrate web-based collaboration tools; for example, Google apps can facilitate real-time editing on a project. You can also use Panoptopo to record your lectures so your students can rewatch them; you could use this capture tool as part of your flipping the class approach.

If your school has sufficient funding or if you’re able to, you may even integrate immersive technology in your course. Virtual reality headsets can help students in distance learning or those who are unable to come to class and participate.

Encourage Questions

Students need to know that they can come to you, even after class. Some might be shy about clarifying a certain point about your lecture, others may have more inquiries that an hour in class might not be able to address. By encouraging your students to seek your guidance during office hours, you establish trust. And trust is a good way to secure their engagement in class.

Student engagement has value for both the student and the teacher. For the student, it allows them to learn better and thus, pass if not excel in the course. For the teacher, it can make your life easier and allow you to enjoy your calling for as long as you do it.

4 Tips for Selecting the Right Fuel Tank

Above ground fuel tank

Many benefits come with purchasing your own fuel tank. But, you can’t just get any tank out there. There’s a lot more that goes into selecting a fuel tank than just its price. With such a wide array of brands, types, sizes, and quality available, most people find buying the ideal fuel tank to quite tricky.

So that you don’t make the mistake of spending your hard-earned dollars on a fuel tank you can’t use because it is not suitable to your specific situation, explore the four quick tips below to help you choose a tank that meets your requirements.

1. Comply with the relevant regulations

The first important criterion when buying a fuel tank is to ensure that it meets all the legal requirements for transporting or storing fuel. Different states will have different laws regarding the matter.

However, there are universal rules and regulations that all poly fuel tanks need to meet, for instance, and it’s essential to familiarise yourself with them. Insist that the manufacturer of the tank confirm that the tank is compliant with the set standards before buying it.

2. Consider your requirements

You, obviously, are investing in a fuel tank to meet a certain need. No one wakes up one day and buys a fuel tank just ‘cause. This is a very specific purchase.

Keep this need in mind while shopping for the right fuel tank for you. Whether you are going to be refuelling machines or vehicles, it’s important that the tank you choose has the right specifications for the job, for instance, the pump flow rate.

3. Think about the dimensions

White fuel tanks lined upAgain, there isn’t just one type of tank in the market. Manufacturers make tanks that very in shape, material, size, and so on to fit certain uses. A tank might have impressive specs, but if it doesn’t fit in the available space, then it’s no good for you.

That’s why you need to have measured the space you intend to put the tank in before shopping for the tank. Make sure there’s sufficient space to operate the tank easily and safely too.

4. Go for the right look

Just because tanks are made more for function than fashion doesn’t mean you should not consider its visual appeal at all. The ideal tank needs to look great, especially if where you intend to put it is a place very visible or where many people pass by.

You want something that’s pleasant to look at, not an eyesore. Look for creative designs. You also have to check the quality of the tank you are buying. Ensure that it does not have paint drips, scrapes, dents or scratches when you get it.

When a time comes that you need to buy a fuel tank for transporting or storing purposes, you might have a few concerns and questions. Choosing the right fuel tank does not have to be an impossible task for you. By looking at a few essential features, you can get a tank that ticks all the right boxes.

4 Tips to Consider When Planning for Your Own Funeral

Closeup photo of a brown casket

Absurd as it might sound, planning your own funeral would be of great help to your family in case you passed on. Not only does it make life easier for them, but it also prepares them for such an event whether now or in the future.

Here are some tips on what you should do while planning for your own funeral:

1. Designate the Person to Take Care of Your Funeral

In the event of a sudden loss, a legal hierarchy designates who should take care of your funeral in case of a sudden demise. However, you can opt to make the choice by yourself and document it on paper for legal purposes.

While this may seem irrelevant, there are scenarios where your relatives may want custody or take charge over your funeral unlawfully. To give you peace of mind, McDougal Funeral Home recommends hiring professional services for your funeral arrangements in Taylorsville.

2. Decide on Cremation, Burial, or Donation

Man holding an urn next to the flowers and candlesThis is important, as your beloved will follow your desires after you have passed on. While you can put this on your will as well, letting your family know might help them in preparing for it mentally. This can also help in avoiding unnecessary stress during an emotional time.

  • Traditional Burial – This is when a person’s remains are buried along with a coffin, which could be made of different materials and have specific designs. It’s the most expensive option, as it also involves embalming, dressing, and preparing the remains for viewing (either private or public). The family may hold a ceremony, buy lots of flowers, and even post an obituary (for the viewing).
  • Cremation – This is the combustion, oxidation, and vaporization of a person’s remains to its basic chemical compounds (particularly into ashes, gases, and mineral fragments). It’s more affordable and flexible than traditional burials, and many people say that it’s even environmental-friendly. In addition, you can decide what will happen to your ashes — be stored in an urn, become a jewelry, or be spread in particular places.
  • Donation – Some people are okay with donating parts of their body like their organs, while others find it gruesome. However, this can help a lot of people who need donors. Who knows, you could be helping extend another person’s life.

3. Plan for Everything Financially

Planning for your death may mean that you have to provide some pre-payments for the services that you will require for your funeral. It is best that you make plans for the payments of your funeral homes or for purchasing things required for your funeral.

4. Share Your Wishes with Family

Having the time to talk over your death with your family is important in helping them understand the choices that you make. If you think that it will be uncomfortable to have a conversation about death, it might be harder for them to understand your wishes if you do not disclose everything to them.

Although planning for your funeral while still alive can be hard for most people, it is important as it gives your family a chance to mourn without having to worry much about the funeral details.

Five Jobs for Organized People

Male candidate being interviewed

Organized people have a better chance at success because they know how to plan and execute things. They do not want clutter, and they thrive when everything is neat and tidy. However, for organized people to succeed, they need to be in jobs that require their expertise. The following jobs will be perfect for people who have talents and skills in planning and organizing:

1. Aim for a Position in Logistics

The logistics functions of many companies can use a lot more organized minds that can help achieve their goals. Logistics, after all, involves a lot of planning and execution. While logistics is becoming more automated, people will still control the overall control of the workflow in industries. Hence, it will be a good choice to apply for a job that involves logistics. Search for logistics jobs so that you will be able to make use of your skills and talents as an organized person.

2. Become a Transcriptionist or Captioner

If you have prior experience in transcribing or typing long documents, it can be good to become a transcriptionist or captioner. These jobs require someone to be as accurate as possible. Not only will you need quick typing skills; you also must be a good listener. The great thing about being a transcriptionist is that you will be paid for every audio hour that you produce, making it an output-based venture.

3. Apply for an Event Planning Firm

If you are the type of person who likes organizing events, why not consider applying for an event-planning firm? You see, organizing events like weddings, parties, and meetings require a lot of planning. One mistake can yield disastrous results, which is why the industry needs people who are more organized. The fortunate thing about being in an event-planning firm is that you can start as a junior associate if you still want to learn the ropes in this increasingly diverse industry.

4. Be a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent touring the couple in the houseNot a lot of people have realized this, but real estate involves a lot of planning and organizing. This is the reason why many real estate agents fail to do their job. Some lack the necessary skills to be organized in everything they do. Remember that real estate agents have to juggle multiple clients at the same time while also planning their entire day to meet up with them. They also need to coordinate with other stakeholders, like other agents and homeowners.

5. Study to Become a Librarian

Even when the world is becoming more connected by the day, there is still some value to libraries. This is why you should still apply to become a librarian. Some positions need specific qualifications like a master’s degree, but overall, a job as a librarian or even a library associate, assistant or clerk offers much money. As long as you have a knack for being organized, you will surely be considered.

Any person who is organized should make it a point to work in an environment that appreciates their talents. The jobs above will be ideal for them.